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First Friday Tour for Sukadamai

Sukadamai is another subdistrict or village following 14 additional villages included in the villages around IPB’s campus. Other villages of such category are Purwasari and Sukawening.

The first Friday Tour for Sukadamai was at one of the villager’s houses in Cikahuripan Kampong, Sukadamai, Bogor Regency (23/9). In the morning the villagers had gathered there and the cool air with the warmth of the sun added to the cheerfulness of the event.

At the beginning of activity, Haji Waladan took the opportunity to give spiritual advice. He explained the importance of making a living in good ways. According to him, there are several doors to the livelihoods, such as taqwa (observing God’s teachings), prayers, study groups, dhikr (always remembering God), reading the Quran, asking for forgiveness, married, and working.

Like the Friday Tours in other villages, before coming to the core of the program, IPB accompanied by the local government gave aid (charity) to 20 orphans.

Committee chairman, who is also Vice Head of Community Services Division of LPPM IPB, Dr. Ir. Prastowo, had the opportunity to deliver the aid accompanied by District Chief of Dramaga, Arom Rusmandar, and Village Chief of Sukadamai, Uci.

Problem Identification

As it was the first Friday Tour for the Village of Sukadamai, the stages prepared by IPB Team started with problem identification. The team tried to collect all problems which will later be followed up and solved.

“While IPB team is here, please ask about things related to agriculture and so on. The team will find out what could be developed for self-reliance programs, so that the villagers do not depend on any party,” said the District Chief of Dramaga.

Similarly, Dr. Prastowo said: “IPB only complement the existing program that will operate; and will not replace it. On the field we will be in partnership with colleagues from Bogor Regency government.”

The Friday Tour was also used as a means of socializing by the District Chief of Dramaga to the villagers, concerning for example e-ID card procedures, education, drugs, droughts, and other population problems.

The problem identification found several programs and activities already underway, for example, integrated health programs and environmental hygiene are already running well. As for farming they grow taro, sweet potato, and papaya but with the problem of papaya fruit pest. In animal farming they raise chickens, rabbits, goats and buffalo with cattle health problems. Fishery is mainly of carp, which requires monitoring and training because of high fish mortality, while in the field of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the craftsmen who make baby shoes and slippers, numbering about 150 workers, face marketing difficulties.

In the Friday Tour IPB also handed over scales for babies and pregnant women and three units of garbage bins to Posyandu Kemuning 3 (Integrated Health Center) Kemuning 3. (Mtd)

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